08 Another Magnetic Levitation
Place a large disk-shaped magnet on a non-magnetic conductive plate. When a smaller magnet is moved under the plate, the magnet on top may levitate under certain conditions. Investigate the levitation and the possible motion of the magnet on top.
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  • Lenz's Law Levitation Coil Stable with No Tethers

    magnetic levitation presented with a coil

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  • Analytical model for estimation of eddy current and power loss in conducting plate and its application

    A model is developed to study the eddy current induced in a thin conducting but nonmagnetic plate of finite size when exposed to a time varying magnetic field. The applied field may be uniform or vary in space. This model can accurately estimate the eddy current contour in the plate and loss due to eddy current.

  • Design and Analysis of a Plate Type Electrodynamic Suspension Structure for Ground High Speed Systems

    This paper focuses on the design and analysis of a plate type electrodynamic suspension (EDS) structure for the ground high speed system. The working principle of proposed whole system with functions of levitation, guidance and propulsion is presented, and the researched EDS structure is composed of permanent magnets (or superconducting magnets) and
    non-ferromagnetic conductive plates. Levitation and guidance are achieved by forces generated through the motion of the magnets along the plates. The plate type EDS structure is analyzed by three-dimensional (3D) finite element method (FEM) in ANSYS Maxwell. Structure parameters that affect the EDS performances are investigated, which include dimensions of magnets and plates, plate material, the relative position between magnets and plates, and arrangement of magnets.

  • Eddy current damping for magnetic levitation: downscaling from macro- to micro-levitation

    Magnetic levitation of miniaturized objects is investigated in this paper. A magnetic levitation setup is built to implement one-dimensional magnetic levitation motion. It was observed that as the levitated object becomes smaller, magnetic levitation suffers more from undesired vibrations. As a solution, eddy current damping is offered and implemented successfully by placing conductive plates close to the levitated object.

  • Modeling and Analysis of Eddy-Current Damping for High-Precision Magnetic Levitation of a Small Magnet

    This paper presents modeling and analysis of eddy-current damping that is formed by a conductive plate placed below the levitating object in order to suppress vibrations and ensure stability.