06 Non-contact Resistance
The responses of a LRC circuit driven by an AC source can be changed by inserting either a non-magnetic metal rod or a ferromagnetic rod into the inductor coil. How can we obtain the magnetic and electric properties of the inserted rod from the circuit’s responses?
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  • Elektromagnetischer Schwingkreis – Zusammenfassung fürs Physik Abitur

    kurze Erklärung LC-Schwingkreis mit allen wichtigen Formeln auf deutsch

  • Magnetic Permeability

    brief understandable explanation of magnetic permeability

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  • LCR circuit: new simple methods for measuring the equivalent series resistance of a capacitor and inductance of a coil

    Equivalent series resistance (ESR) represents the measurement of total energy loss in a capacitor. In this paper a simple method for measuring the ESR of ceramic capacitors based on the analysis of the oscillations of an LCR circuit is proposed. It is shown that at frequencies under 3300 Hz, the ESR is directly proportional to the period of oscillations. Based on the determined dependence of the ESR on the period, a method is devised and tested for measuring coil inductance. All measurements were performed using the standard equipment found in student laboratories, which makes both methods very suitable for implementation at high school and university levels.

  • Measuring the magnetic field of a low frequency LC-circuit with phyphox

    They propose a setup for exploring those circuits utilizing the magnetic field sensor of a smartphone in combination with the application phyphox, which reads and displays sensor input. Coils with high inductance and low resistance generate low frequency oscillations which can be visualized without any measuring devices other than a smartphone.

  • RLC series circuit made simple and portable with smartphones

    This article presents a novel method for studying RLC series circuits using two smartphones, one used as a signal generator and the other as an oscilloscope. We measure the voltage at the external resistor as a function of frequency when subjected to a sinusoidal electromotive force. The experimental results demonstrate a remarkable agreement with the theoretical curve for the voltage at the resistor and the resonance frequency, validating the accuracy of the smartphone-based setup. The experiment fills the gap in educational materials related to electrical circuits and provides a portable alternative to traditional, expensive laboratory equipment.

  • Simple but accurate driven RLC experiment

    A driven RLC series circuit is constructed by connecting a sine-wave generator to a coil and a capacitor. A multimeter is used to measure the circuit parameters and is then connected across the capacitor to measure its rms voltage. As a result, a resonance curve is mapped out that matches theory with no free parameters.

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  • Vorlesungsskript PHYS1100.0 Elektrizität und Magnetismus Bachelor Physik, Wirtschaftsphysik, Lehramt Physik

    ausführliches Vorlesungsskript auf deutsch von Prof. Othmar Marti, Universität Ulm