04 Shooting Rubber Band
A rubber band may fly a longer distance if it is non-uniformly stretched when shot, giving it spin. Optimise the distance that a rubber band with spin can reach.
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  • How to shoot a rubber band over 20 feet accurately

    another demonstration video with the technique of non-uniform stretching

  •  Wissenschaftliche Artikel
  • Shooting Rubber Bands: Two Self-Similar Retractions for a Stretched Elastic Wedge

    The authors demonstrate that during the retraction of a circular rubber band, a wavelength develops at the rear which increases in size as time progresses. Through a combination of experiments and modeling, they investigate the speed at which the back of the elastic retracts and observe a self-similar shape that depends on stretching, inertia, and bending.

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  • Shooting rubber bands: dynamic buckling in unconstrained elastic ribbons

    entire Master's thesis on the topic