13 Charge Meter
A lightweight ball is suspended from a thread in the area between two charged plates. If the ball is also charged it will be deflected to one side at a certain angle. What is the accuracy of such a device for measuring the amount of charge on the ball? Optimise your device to measure the smallest possible charge on the ball.
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  • Capacitor Charge Demo: Oscillating Ball

    This is a demonstration of capacitor charge, carried out by suspending a ball between two capacitor plates of opposite charges.

  • DEMO: Franklin's Bell

    physical explanation of the Franklin's Bells experiment

  • How an electroscope works? - explained simply and clearly

    The functionality and structure of a simple electroscope is explained.

  • Ping Pong Ball in an Electric Field | Electricity | Physics

    A ping pong ball is placed in between 2 plates connected to a power supply.

  • Pith ball electroscope | Physics experiment

    demonstration based on a "pith ball electroscope"

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  • About behavior of electrostatic pendulum near conducting or dielectric plate

    Interaction of a charged ball with conducting or dielectric plates is examined. Two simultaneous stable equilibria of the electrostatic pendulum are detected. The proposed theory satisfactorily agrees with the experimental data. Numerical simulation showed possibility of chaotic oscillations of the pendulum.

  • Accurate Experimental Method For Measuring Electronic Number Based On Force Balance Theory

    A simple physics experiment method for measuring number of micro power electronics is designed in this paper. Based on simple mechanical balance theory and optical reflection theory, the method accurately transforms the measurement of electronic number into the length measurement and deduces the formula for measuring micro-power.

  • ‘‘Franklin’s Bells’’ and charge transport as an undergraduate lab

    A charged ball oscillates back and forth between the plates of a capacitor. This paper discuss some of the wide variety of experiments and calculations which this system affords.

  • Image-charge effects on an electrostatic pendulum in mechanical equilibrium

    A charged pendulum suspended in mechanical equilibrium by an insulated string and deflected by a uniform electric field was investigated theoretically and experimentally. When the uniform electric field is generated by a pair of large parallel conducting plates, there is an additional force of attraction between the pendulum and its corresponding image charges, which can dramatically affect the pendulum's equilibrium deflection.