10 Magnetic Gear
Take several identical fidget spinners and attach neodymium magnets to their ends. If you place them side by side on a plane and rotate one of them, the remaining ones start to rotate only due to the magnetic field. Investigate and explain the phenomenon.
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  • Analytical analysis of magnetically coupled multipole cylinders

    An analytical analysis is presented for the magnetic coupling between separated, radially-polarized multipole cylinders. These cylinders function as a magnetic gear and a formula is derived for computing the torque developed by such gears.

  • A Review of Magnetic Gear Technologies Used in Mechanical Power Transmission

    This paper presents a literature review on magnetic gears, highlighting the advantages of using these technologies for mechanical power transmission applications in wind energy conversion systems and transportation, such as in electric vehicles.

  • Measurement and Torque Calculation of Magnetic Spur Gear Based on Quasi 3-D Analytical Method

    This paper presents the torque characteristics analysis and torque measurement of a magnetic spur gear with a three-segment Halbach array based on the Quasi Three-Dimension Analytical Method.

  • Simulation Study of the Magnetic Couipling between Radial Magnetic Gears

    The torque of magnetic coupling with different magnetic poles has been investigated by theoretical computations with two dimensional modeling processes of finite element analysis. The torque is sensitive to the number of magnetic poles, the material of the magnetic gears, and the distance between the magnetic gears. For a 2 mm separation distance of two magnetic gears with 20 mm radius, the maximum torque occurs between 6 and 20 poles which is dependent on the thickness of the iron yoke inside the magnets, and on the magnetization configuration within a pole of the magnets. Finally, the computer calculation is tested using an experimental data taken from a sintered NdFeB magnetic gear.

  • Torque Analysis of Magnetic Spur Gear with Different Configurations

    This paper presents design and torque analysis in various types of magnetic gear with different magnetic materials and air gap. This type of gear offer both high speed and high torque required for drive applications. In the proposed gear analysis the low speed side is connected to prime mover and high speed side is connected to load, suitable for wind power, automobile applications and group drive applications etc.

  • Two dimmensional model of a permanent magnet spur gear

    This paper extends an analysis method developed for a radial magnetized spur gear. The extension describes how a parallel magnetized spur gear can be modeled analytically.

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  • Electromagnetic design and analysis of Parallel Axes Magnetic Gear

    In this application note, two external magnetic gear systems with parallel axes will be studied. The analyzed magnetic gears are made of two different shapes: radial and parallelepiped permanent magnets.

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  • Vorlesungsskript PHYS1100.0 Elektrizität und Magnetismus Bachelor Physik, Wirtschaftsphysik, Lehramt Physik

    ausführliches Vorlesungsskript auf deutsch von Prof. Othmar Marti, Universität Ulm