01 Invent Yourself
Take a box (e.g. a matchbox), filled with identical objects (e.g. matches, balls, …). Find a method to determine the number of objects in the box solely by the sound produced while shaking the box. How does the accuracy depend on the properties of the objects, the box, and the packing density?
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  • Analysis / Synthesis of Sounds Generated by Sustained Contact between Rigid Objects

    This paper introduces an analysis/synthesis scheme that aims at reproducing sounds generated by sustained contact between rigid bodies. This scheme is rooted in a source/filter
    decomposition of the sound where the filter is described as a set of poles and the source is described as a set of impulses representing the energy transfer between the interacting objects.

  • Particle size distribution characterization from acoustic emissions

    A detailed study of the acoustic signals emitted by colliding particles has led to increased precision in the determination of average particle size through an acoustic method and the derivation of methods for characterizing the shape and width of the size distributions of beds of particles. [1978]
    See also previous publications by the author.

  • Shaking a Box to Estimate the Property of Content

    [pages 564-576]
    This paper describes an approach for implementing such a device; the development of a haptic device and control system as well as the modeling and simulation of a virtual box and its
    contents are presented in this paper. The prototype system was evaluated, and different model parameters were experimentally tested.

  • Some notes on acoustics

    notes of acoustic lecture

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  • Toilet paper roll maraca

    instruction for building several types of maracas and general explantion to the physics behind